Shopping for an Oregon Certified Home Inspector?

Welcome to HouseGeek: Jeff Strang, Oregon Certified Home Inspector #1409, based in NE Portland. Highly experienced, knowledgeable and personable. Limited hours, since I work full-time at Multnomah County in evironmental health (focus on indoor air quality and safety). If you need a full-time private home inspector, check out my mates at the Oregon Association of Home Inspectors,, or NorthWest Oregon Certified Home Inspectors,

If you’re still interested, here’s a brief rundown of my licenses and certifications:

  • Oregon Construction Contractors Board (CCB) license #189905 (important info about ANY real-property contractor is at
  • Oregon Building Inspector (Commercial and Residential), Residential Plumbing Inspector, Residential Mechanical Inspector, Residential Electrical Inspector certifications
  • Healthy Homes Specialist (National Environmental Health Association)
  • Radon measurement provider (certified by National Radon Proficiency Program)

Fee: $250 per dwelling unit, plus $0.05 per square foot of floor space, plus $50 if the dwelling to be inspected includes a crawl space, plus $2/mile for 1-way distance from my office (1137 NE Beech St., Portland, OR). Radon test (using Continuous Radon Monitor): $75 if included with home inspection; $100 plus $4/mile 1-way distance from office for radon test only. Additional charge if travel distance exceeds 20 miles.

Product: Comprehensive home inspection report available within 24 hours of inspection, with photos of problem areas; see Sample Report tab. Radon test: results of 48-hour test available within 24 hours of monitor pickup.

Call me at 503-752-9494 or e-mail to schedule a home inspection or to ask questions. I also do specific, limited inspections, such as crawl spaces or roofs only, or reinspection after work to correct problems identified in original home inspection.