Jeff Strang has lived in the Portland area since 1983. From 1993-2004, Jeff was a construction contractor doing residential remodeling and repair. From 2005-09, he worked for the city of Portland, Oregon, as a Housing Inspector, enforcing the city’s property maintenance code. Laid off during the recession, Jeff became an Oregon Certified Home Inspector in 2010, then was hired by Multnomah County as an Environmental Health Specialist, where he worked to improve indoor air quality, health, and safety of children, seniors, disabled, and low-income families, until laid off (again!) in 2018. He worked as a full-time home inspector until Feb. 2023, when he put his license in active status. He’s essentially retired.

In his free time, Jeff enjoys gardening, playing music, volunteering for non-profit causes, cooking and food preservation, and working on his house.